Roof Vacuuming Services

Sydney Roof Vac specializes in making definite changes to your roof with exceptional service and knowledge. We use back pace vacuums and floor HEPA vacuums with four-level filtration. Our equipment captures almost all dust, pollen, bacteria and more to reduce the risks of triggering allergy or infection. Not only removing dusts, we also remove remaining residue of old insulation and cellulose fiber. We use biodegradable cleaning products to keep the environment and people safe.

When and Why should you consider roof vacuuming? Your roof dust builds up over years just like any of other surfaces, and it’s not only dust piling up inside. Your roof may contain formaldehyde, pesticides, lead, toxins, dust-mist, bird dropping… These impurities are particularly harmful for children under 4 years and pregnant women. Contact us for free consultation and quote of your roof today!



  • We got the tools

    Specialised industrial vacuum ‘XXXXX’ with H.E.P.A. (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters

  • Affordable service

    Affordable doesn’t mean lack of service with us. We provide the best service at the lowest cost.

  • We are certified service provider

    All our technicians are fully certified and are licensed with many years of experience.

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